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Kawangware  Medical Clinic 



Simply 2 Love (S2L) partnered with Chosen Children of Promise (CCP) 



Kawangware is a slum, approximately 3 square kilometers, located in Nairobi, Kenya, with an estimated population of around 800,000 people. The average income in Kawangware is less than one dollar a day, and 65% of the population is completely out of work. Lack of safe drinking water and proper waste disposal contribute to the many illnesses and diseases suffered by the locals living in Kawangware. 



Among so many other needs, there is a critical need in Kawangware for a medical clinic. Medical clinics already exist in Kawangware, but most are illegal, not qualified to provide medical treatment, and they dangerously misdiagnose patients who are in desperate need of life-saving help. Additionally, it is not safe to travel at night, and most locals cannot afford an ambulance to the hospital, let alone pay for treatment, which must be paid up front. As a result, families often wait for the illness to pass, and they don't get the needed care to save the lives of loved ones.



 Our Goal is to establish a Medical Clinic on land owned by Chosen Children of Promise (CCP) in Kawangware. This Clinic would be operational at night and capable of providing quality medical care by nurses and doctors who have been vetted by medical professionals.



 Our goal is to raise the remaining funds required to complete construction by the end of 2017. 



Through Prayer

Please join us in prayer for the locals in Kawangware, for CCP, for S2L, for God's guidance, His will, and His provision.

We pray that God whispers into the hearts of those who are open to hearing "the good news" of Christ.


Through Fundraising

Currently, we have raised approximately $80,000 USD of the $180,000 USD estimated to build the Medical Clinic. With intense passion and respect, we strongly urge you to click on the Donate tab at the top of the page to help us reach our goal. Even the smallest of donations quickly add up to make a huge difference.





Current Project

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